Atelier Yoga

A space for Iyengar Yoga

Atelier Yoga is a beautiful new yoga space at 41 Union Square West, Suite 1103.

All Our Teachers are Iyengar Trained

We are a collective of yoga teachers trained in the Iyengar yoga method.

Atelier Yoga owner Carolyn Christie is Iyengar-certified Junior Intermediate III. All other teachers are either Iyengar certified or in the process of becoming certified.

Carolyn Christie

Carolyn Christie

J on Yamashita

Jon Yamashita

Iyengar Yoga Teachers

Iyengar training and certification takes many years and much dedication.  To become a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, they must have many years experience of teaching, work with a mentor teacher, and go through an assessment process where senior teachers from other parts of the country observe their asana practice, their knowledge of anatomy and the philosophy of yoga, and their teaching ability.  There are many levels of certification in the Iyengar method — teachers remain lifelong students and continually improve on their practice of the asanas and their teaching skills.