Atelier Yoga

A space for Iyengar Yoga

Atelier Yoga is a beautiful new yoga space at 41 Union Square West, Suite 1103.

Tara Jarvis began her study of Iyengar yoga in 2006 and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. She walked into her first class wanting to learn to relax from the fast-paced lifestyle and outward demands of the fashion industry. What she experienced was the necessity to go inward for a calm mind in a hectic world. She now strives to apply what she is learning to everyday life. Tara’s mission as a teacher is to guide her students toward this balanced state of mind and body.

Tara became a certified yoga teacher in 2012, and is currently furthering her studies in the Iyengar teacher training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York.

Tara Jarvis

Tara Jarvis