Atelier Yoga

A space for Iyengar Yoga

Atelier Yoga is a beautiful new yoga space at 41 Union Square West, Suite 1103.

Columbia Fiero came to Iyengar yoga in 1987, after a near fatal car accident in 1982 left her feeling very crooked and unable to do essential exercises, most particularly shoulder stand.  She completed teacher training at the Iyengar Institute of New York and is certified as Introductory 2.  The method of Iyengar yoga has deep and healing effects with continuity of practice.  Columbia loves the enduring and ongoing search for whole-being consciousness, and how the practice of Iyengar yoga leads to interconnection in the physical systems of the human body, with the mental body, and beyond, to spiritual and psychic knowledge.


Phone: 917-710-3253 

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